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Celebrating the Emerald Birthstone

Loose emerald cut emerald resting on stone.

Indeed, the vibrant Emerald is a special gem, deeply tied to the month of May. It’s a captivating blend of enchanting legend and unique characteristics.

A Cut Above – Diamond Quality

Several loose diamonds on a white table lined up by size.

Diamonds are a marvel of nature, formed under incredible pressure and heat. They possess qualities that are admired worldwide.

Mystique of Diamond Birthstones

Two loose cut diamonds, one being held by gemologist tweezers.

Birthstones have enchanted people for centuries with their stories, meanings, and captivating colors. If you’re born in April, then diamond is your birthstone!

What Do Birthstones Signify?

Yellow and white gold amethyst and diamond tennis bracelet and cocktail ring.

Birthstones are captivating gemstones linked to each of the twelve calendar months, with your individual birthstone corresponding to your birth month.

Properties of February’s Birthstone

Yellow gold floral tennis bracelet set with amethyst.

A type of mineral quartz, amethysts come in shades ranging from deep purple to pale, pastel lavender. Keep reading to find out what makes amethyst jewelry so alluring.

Radiant Rubies for July

Ruby bracelet

If someone you love celebrated a birthday in July, they’re fortunate to have one of the most beautiful birthstones imaginable – radiant red ruby.

June Birthstone Highlight: Alexandrite

Ring, earrings, pendant, and ring.

Most months only have one birthstone associated with them. But those born in June are part of the lucky few who can claim multiple different birthstones.

Emerald is May’s Birthstone

Emerald ring, pendant, and yellow gold emerald ring.

Emeralds are said to stir feelings of passion and intense love. They are thought to bring love that is unconditional, making them the perfect romantic gift.