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What to Expect

Appraisals While You Wait

Examination and necessary tests are performed while you watch. Your appraisal is a bound report and includes a full description, a digital image and a plot of all diamonds over half a carat.

You will walk away with your jewelry, and barring anything extraordinary, you will receive the bound report at the end of your appointment.

Gemological Information

Gems are naturally occurring materials that are beautiful, durable, and rare. Lacking any one of those criterion, a material cannot be classified as a gem. To be valuable, the gem must be in vogue in the marketplace, and not so rare as to be unknown and/or unattainable.

In order to communicate the quality of gems, descriptive language and grading systems have been developed. Some specific care information can be accessed from this page. However, as you are shopping for a gem, remember that your own perception of its beauty is the most important factor to consider. A qualified appraiser can help you determine if you are paying the right price for the gem you have selected, but do not fall into the trap of purchasing “words on paper” instead of choosing the gem that speaks to your soul!

If you wish to learn more about buying gemstones and diamonds, here’s an article from the Gemological Institute of America.