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Which gemstones are tied to milestone anniversaries?

An anniversary is a joyous occasion, a time to honor and celebrate the love that you and your spouse share. Whether you’ve been married for years, or are just beginning your journey as newlyweds, there’s no better way to mark your time together than with breathtaking anniversary jewelry. Did you know that each anniversary is marked by an alluring colored gemstone or precious metal?

First Anniversary

The traditional gift for first anniversaries is gold, while the modern alternative is green peridot. Gold is commonly used for jewelry and watchmaking, meaning your options will be plenty if you decide to go the traditional route. Gold is traditional for the first anniversary because it’s said to bring good fortune. It also represents the wealth of happiness that your first year of marriage brought you.

Fifth Anniversary

To mark the 5th wedding anniversary, you can celebrate with sapphire. Sapphires are usually gifted for fifth anniversaries because they’re known for their remarkable hardness. Second only to diamonds, this stone represents the strength of your marriage and is believed to highlight wisdom, truth, and integrity.

Yellow gold three-stone anniversary band set with diamonds.
White gold pear shaped blue sapphire earrings with diamond haloes.

Tenth Anniversary

10th anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with every woman’s favorite gemstone – diamonds! This milestone is showcased with diamond because the stone’s clarity and durability make it a timeless symbol of your marriage. Diamonds are made from carbon and are said to represent the strength, love, and health of your relationship.

Fifteenth Anniversary

Romantic red rubies are the traditional gemstone to mark 15th wedding anniversaries, while alexandrite is the modern alternative. If you’re celebrating 15 years with your sweetheart, these two popular gemstones are a testament to your marriage’s passion, love, and devotion. Just like a ruby is rare and precious, so is a marriage that has reached the 15-year mark. While your marriage will grow and change, it’s always beautiful and unique, like alexandrite’s changing hues.

White gold three-station drop necklace set with cushion cut diamonds.
White gold pear-shaped earrings set with rubies surrounded by diamond haloes.

Twentieth Anniversary

20 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, and a wonderful excuse to spoil your loved one. The traditional gemstone for 20th anniversaries is emerald, and the contemporary alternative is yellow diamond. Emeralds contain trace amounts of iron giving it a strength that few other gemstones have. This represents the strength and unique resilience of a marriage that makes it to the 20th anniversary milestone.

Thirtieth Anniversary

The 30th year of marriage is celebrated with pearls and is known as the pearl jubilee. Pearls are classic and timeless, a fitting representation of your love that has endured for so long. The rarity and effort of pearl formation symbolizes how a well-established marriage that’s lasted 30 years takes work to create and should be truly cherished.

Fiftieth Anniversary

Not many couples can boast that they’ve made it 50 years with their better half. Imagine all the tender moments you’ve undoubtedly shared with someone after that many years as one. 50 years should be celebrated spectacularly, which is why it’s known as the golden jubilee. For your first anniversary, you may not have been able to afford anything extravagant. After all, the first year of marriage is full of ups and downs. The golden jubilee celebrates the tremendous milestone of a 50th anniversary with extravagant gold luxuries to represent how far your marriage has come from that first year.

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