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July Birthstone Highlight: Ruby

Diamond pendant with ruby in the center.

July has officially arrived, which means it’s finally time to get outside and enjoy the summer sunshine. But let’s not forget about all of the July babies born during this scorching month! If someone you love celebrated a birthday in July, they’re fortunate to have one of the most beautiful birthstones imaginable – radiant red ruby. What makes the July birthstone so special? Continue reading to find out!

Ruby has long been one of the most beloved gems, treasured for centuries among a variety of cultures. In ancient India, ruby was considered the “king” of precious stones, prized for its intense color, rarity, and powerful healing properties. Because the deep red color of ruby resembles that of blood, the gem served as a symbol of youth and vitality in traditional Indian jewelry. In medieval Europe, ruby was believed to bring about wealth, wisdom, and success, and was a popular adornment among the wealthy.

Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum, which comes in a range of captivating colors. Red corundum is known as ruby, pink-orange corundum is called padparadscha, and any other color of corundum is considered to be sapphire. Ruby derives its vivid crimson color from trace amounts of chromium. The vibrant red hue of a ruby radiates passion, fire, and intensity, cementing its status as the most romantic gemstone. Burmese ruby is the most valuable variety of this July birthstone, thanks to its rich shade of red with a slight blue hue. This color of ruby is sometimes referred to as “pigeon’s blood,” and is exclusive to the Mogok Valley mines of Myanmar.

Ruby Earrings
Ruby bracelet
Ruby Ring
Ruby earrings with diamonds
According to ancient folklore, rubies harness the power to bring about good fortune, predict the threat of danger, and even help cure certain ailments. Ruby is also believed to aid in tough decision making, especially when it comes to personal and financial dilemmas. Wearing this lovely July birthstone can inspire confidence, strength, and other qualities like leadership. Not to mention, rubies exude romance and mystery with their distinct coloring. Ruby is ideal to wear as jewelry due to its durability. Just like its sister stone, sapphire, ruby has a Moh’s rating of 9, making it hard enough for daily wear. Unlike other, softer gemstones, ruby is an excellent choice for engagement rings. One can confidently wear a ruby ring without having to constantly fuss about fractures or chips. Ruby is mined from several locations around the world, though some of the finest specimens ever discovered originated from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Other important sources include Northern Vietnam, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and more. The shade of ruby can vary depending on where it was sourced. The Montepuez mines in Mozambique were most recently discovered and are said to produce gems comparable to the highly desirable Burmese rubies. If you have ruby jewelry that you need appraised for insurance or estate purposes, don’t hesitate to contact the San Diego Gemological Laboratory! Our independent appraiser, Elliot Grunwald, is a Graduate Gemologist from GIA. You can read more about appraisal types and rates here. However, if you’re looking to purchase ruby jewelry for a July birthday, visit Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers. They carry a varied selection of beautiful gemstone jewelry to fit every style and budget.