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A Cut Above – Diamond Quality

Several loose diamonds on a white table lined up by size.

Diamonds are a marvel of nature, formed under incredible pressure and heat. They possess qualities that are admired worldwide.

Mystique of Diamond Birthstones

Two loose cut diamonds, one being held by gemologist tweezers.

Birthstones have enchanted people for centuries with their stories, meanings, and captivating colors. If you’re born in April, then diamond is your birthstone!

What Do Birthstones Signify?

Yellow and white gold amethyst and diamond tennis bracelet and cocktail ring.

Birthstones are captivating gemstones linked to each of the twelve calendar months, with your individual birthstone corresponding to your birth month.

Rarity of Colored Diamonds

Yellow diamond

You might wonder why diamonds come in different colors, and what makes them so expensive. Fancy color diamonds are much rarer than white diamonds.

Radiant Rubies for July

Ruby bracelet

If someone you love celebrated a birthday in July, they’re fortunate to have one of the most beautiful birthstones imaginable – radiant red ruby.

Insurance Appraisals

Two diamond rings & a wedding band

An insurance appraisal is a document that assesses your fine diamond and gemstone jewelry and gives it an assigned replacement value.

Diamond Quality

Several loose round cut diamonds on a gray table with one held in tweezers.

The term 4C’s is used to help teach students the four characteristics of a faceted diamond. These are color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.