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Fine Jewelry Insurance Appraisals

a jewelry appraiser wearing white gloves inspects a gold and diamond bracelet using a magnifying a glass

As diamond rings are costly, they should be aptly safeguarded. What if the ring gets misplaced? Luckily, there are preventative measures one can take.

Radiant Rubies for July

Ruby bracelet

If someone you love celebrated a birthday in July, they’re fortunate to have one of the most beautiful birthstones imaginable – radiant red ruby.

Insurance Appraisals

Two diamond rings & a wedding band

An insurance appraisal is a document that assesses your fine diamond and gemstone jewelry and gives it an assigned replacement value.

San Diego’s Gem History

History of gemstones in San Diego

Some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world have come out of Southern California. Take a peek into San Diego’s gem history.