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Discover Hidden Fortunes: Uncovering the Value of Rare Coins in Your Collection

Does your family treasure a coin collection that’s been locked away and forgotten? If so, it might be time to dust it off. One of those coins could be worth a fortune. Don’t dismiss this idea until you’ve learnt about some of the most valuable coins that might be hiding in your collection.

Three historic American silver and gold dollar coins.

1895-S Morgan Silver Dollar

Dubbed as the King of Morgan Dollars, this coin is a collector’s jewel. The real deal is a rarity, and there are likely more forgeries in the market than originals. Of the original 12,000, only 880 mint versions are around. If it lacks a mint mark, it’s probably not genuine.

1896-O Morgan Silver Dollar

This coin is a head-scratcher for those new to coin collecting. Worn-out coins are common, yet the mint versions are rare. From the 4.9 million issued in 1976, a certified mint condition of this coin today could fetch a price equivalent to a sports car.

1895-O Morgan Silver Dollar

The older cousin of the previous entry, the 1895 version of this coin retains its value, even in a worn-out state. The fascinating part is the coin’s backstory. In 1985, the New Orleans Mint had to produce numerous silver dollars in a short span, compromising on craftsmanship. After being stored and many melted, the coin’s demand, and hence, value, soared when it entered circulation.

1892-S Morgan Silver Dollar

Although valuable in mint condition or moderately worn grades, the 1892-S Morgan Silver Dollar wasn’t always a numismatist’s favorite. Worn-out coins are typical, but a mint specimen is a rarity.

1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar

Assigning a value to this 1886 dollar can challenge even seasoned coin collectors. Akin to the 1895-O Morgan Silver Dollar, the coin’s less refined construction is noticeable. Also, a forged version derived from the 1886 Philadelphia Dollar has surfaced but isn’t widely observed. A close inspection can reveal the added “O” on a counterfeit.

If you suspect one of these highly priced coins might be tucked away in your attic, seeking an expert’s assistance can be beneficial. They can help determine your coin’s value and validate its authenticity.