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Exploring the Beauty of June Birthstones

June babies are privileged to have not just one, but three distinctive birthstones – Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone. Each gem offers a range of options for personal or gift jewelry.

The Significance of June’s Birthstones Each of these gemstones carries a unique symbolism and significance, adding a special sentimentality to the jewelry gift. Let’s look at the distinct attributes of each stone.


June’s Classic Birthstone Pearls possess an exquisite charm that extends way beyond their classification as ‘age-old’. Sourced from the sea and birthed by living creatures like oysters and mussels, pearls are the only precious gems that need no refining. They boast a sophisticated appeal that has been favored by the elite, however, they can be artistically worn by individuals of all ages and fashion.

Pearly pieces come in diverse colors, shapes and signify varying meanings, making them an ideal gift for those born in June. Due to their delicacy, though, pearls demand special care which includes wearing them last to avoid contact with makeup, hairspray, perfume and the like. Wiping them with a damp cloth maintains their shine and luster after wearing.

a color-changing Alexandrite stone shown under two lighting conditions


June’s Contemporary Birthstone Alexandrite stands out with its exceptional characteristics. Mirroring the concept of mood rings, this precious stone changes color – turning greenish-blue in daylight and transforming to purplish-red under incandescent light. Its durability rating of 8.5 on Mohs Scale and exotic color-shifting make alexandrite one of the priciest gemstones.

The alure of this gem isn’t confined to its beauty and rarity. Many believe Alexandrite can boost intuition, stimulate creativity, encourage optimism and bring tranquility – making it the right match for the joyous June born.


June’s Enigmatic Birthstone The mystical moonstone concludes the trio of June birthstones. The Romans thought moonstones were solidified moonlight and perceived its appearance as varying with lunar phases. Despite knowing that moonstone is a mineral feldspar variant and not lunar matter, its enchantment remains. With its unique adularescence, moonstone looks like the full moon concealed by white clouds.

This stone is ideal for the June-born who appreciates celestial beauty. Believed to balance energies and contain calming properties, moonstone is also referred to as the “dream stone,” as it’s said to bring about peaceful sleep and vivid dreams.

If you have pearl, alexandrite or moonstone jewelry that you want appraised for insurance or estate purposes, you can reach out to the San Diego Gemological Laboratory for professional assistance. Or, if you’re interested in acquiring pearl, alexandrite, or moonstone jewelry as a June birthday gift, explore Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers’ diverse collection.